Design, build, manage: all coordinated.

Costim is a joint holding of Immobiliare Percassi and Polifin, set up in 2019 to develop a property construction hub.
It reacts quickly and innovatively to sweeping changes in the property and real estate industry, increasingly oriented towards an overall redefinition of design and production processes, the product lifecycle and its functions.
The three Costim operating companies synergistically cover most of the property construction value chain.
The value proposition is based on the systematic application of latest generation digital technologies, such as GSM, the Global System Model, a technology platform that links facility engineering systems with digital infrastructure, offering real-time monitoring of a vast number of parameters and allowing completely integrated management with considerable savings in energy consumption and improved safety standards.
Centralised corporate services allow greater efficiency and coordination, exploiting economies of scale, cross-functional skills and specific know-how.
So Costim’s model offers optimisation of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) throughout the entire lifecycle of a real estate product, with more beneficial results for customers in terms of timing, control and added value with a view to innovation.

Chorus Life

The first example of what Costim can offer to the community is located in Bergamo.
An absolutely innovative smart city revitalises around 150,000 square metres of abandoned land, with an arena seating 6,500, a carpark for 1,000 vehicles, a spa complete with medical centre, a sky-jogging track, a 250-room hotel and an 80-apartment residence.